My name is Hollie Reid I'm 22 and I'm currently living in North West England with my brilliant parents while studying Fashion Promotion at UCLan. I have a boyfriend of 5 years, Mat who runs Buckets & Spades, if you haven't visited it before, I suggest you do now!

I love brightly coloured lipstick, collecting clothes (which is a nice way of saying I have too many) and interior design. I enjoy travelling, reading, listening to music and watching films amongst other things such as planning out parties in my head, cooking, musical theatre and movies and filling out forms.

I am in my third year working full time on two industrial placements for The Chook Visual Directory and What RU Wearing.

The Chook is a brand new directory, which has only just launched and is aimed at those working as visual creatives. The Chook is there to connect creatives with potential clients in a easy to navigate, ad free environment.

What RU Wearing is all about specialist occasion-wear fashion and events. Their website aims to help users to avoid wearing the same outfit to the same function through their dress registry service. They also have a hand-picked Occasion Wear Directory, a eZINE and a business Directory of event suppliers.

My blog is a collection of the interesting things that I come across, things I'm inspired by and my day to day life. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, leave a comment and I'll come and visit your blog or website too!

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