So it's been approximately two months since my last post. I am still here, I have just been on hiatus. On Wednesday just past I got home from Florida, where I was staying for the previous two weeks with my parents, Mat and our good friend James. We had the best time! I always bring plenty of things back to the UK when we leave Florida, so that it almost seems like I'm still there a bit. We're talking from special kinds of Oreos to carrier bags here, which probably makes me sound a little bit like a hoarder, but there we go! Here are just a few of the food things that I brought home this time. Plenty more photos where these came from very soon.
'Altoids Smalls' Mints
Double 'Stuff' Oreos
Hershey's 'Cookies & Cream' Kisses
...and one more Corn Muffin from Publix.


  1. our snacks seems really mundane compared. i'm now a hershey's convert, so nice (but not plain for me)

  2. The mints are super cute. I've never seen them before.

  3. Lovely photos, glad you had a fab time !!

  4. Double Stuff Oreos ALL THE WAY!

    I have often wondered about that name OREO. Is it true that it is called so because there are two "O" shaped biscuits sandwiching the c rea m? I doubt that I am making sense!


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