As most of you might have gathered (from my last post) I took a trip to Scotland with Mat last week! We had a fab time in Glasgow and also Edinburgh whilst we were up there.

Here's a bunch more photos from the time we spent in Glasgow!


A lovely little old hospital building.

Old 'Savings Bank' etched glass window.

Lots of re-development going in Glasgow at the moment. I thought that scaffolding was quite peculiar looking though...

Everywhere that was being ripped apart was such a mixture of buildings from the past all jumbled together.

I might not be doing Glasgow much justice here with these photos, Glasgow actually has a lot of absolutely beautiful buildings as well, so please don't be put off!

What can I say, I love Loudon!

Gentleman's Club by Adrian Wiszniewski at the GoMA. We visited the GoMA to see the touring British Art Show which unfortunately we couldn't take any photos of.

Stained glass window in the GoMA.

Enjoying the good books in the hotel lounge.

Weary but happy!

Mat whizzing around the Kelvingrove. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip, I loved every bit of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, it was truly a mad mixture of historical artefacts, fossils and dinosaur skeletons, art, design and most controversially perhaps, a Dali painting.

This was one of my favourite things in the gallery, the Hanging Head display, if anyone knows who this is by I would love to find out!

Next up : Edinburgh!


  1. Beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Scotland and it's looks amazing. Great photos!

  2. I love the stained glass!! That hospital reminds me of one that I saw along the Thames in London.

  3. we really are mirroring our posts! but i guess that is what we did so lets blog it hey. oh yeah i forgot about that scuffling, was it really holding two buildings together? scary though

    we should go back!

  4. love the installation art with the faces. it's kinda creepy for me but really cool.


  5. Oh goodness!! The hanging heads really tickled my fancy on this tiresome grey day! I also really like the photos of the neglected building fabric. To my eyes, it is BEAUTIFUL.


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