Last but most certainly not least in my "Trip To Scotland" posts are my photos from Edinburgh. If you have never been to Edinburgh and get the opportunity to, you really must take it. It's a wonderful city with so many magical looking old buildings and a total buzz about it.

I would have loved to have spent a bit more time there, as we really didn't get to do it justice during our whirlwind of a day there but we had such a great time exploring all the little back streets behind Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle too!

Look at all the chimneys!

You can't really beat that view at the end of a street can you?

I seem to have got Mat hooked on iced coffees now, mmm!

Edinburgh Castle

Heading up to the castle, it was a very warm day, we were boiling by the time we got up there!

View from the top.

Ready, aim, fire!

Chapel within the Castle grounds.

This made me really sad, it was a cemetery for Soldiers' dogs.

Mat Buckets at Edinburgh Castle.

That's all from my photos of our recent trip to Scotland now.

Next week I'll be down in London with my mum for a few days for my birthday. We're going to see Rufus Wainwright at the Royal Opera House, performing "Rufus Does Judy". For those who aren't fans this is basically Rufus Wainwright performing the Judy Garland 1961 comeback show in its entirety... I literally can not wait to see this.

We're also seeing Les Misérables for the second time with Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas in the cast!

I can't hardly handle all this excitement!


  1. Oh my...Edinburgh Castle!? HOW GORGEOUS! These are great photos! Thanks for sharing! : )

  2. Do I spot a Starbucks? haha! I looove iced coffee, too. :] These photos make me all kinds of wanderlusty. The one of the fountain w/the castle in the background! So pretty.

  3. After seeing yours and Mat's pics, might have to look into a roadtrip to Edinburgh!! Have an amazing time in London, got to love a good theatre trip.

  4. oh what i'd give to live in an enormous castle on top of a hill even for just a weekend. and you're watching rufu wainwright? i'm so excited for you!!


  5. Wow, such beauty! I need to get my butt down to Scotland, that's what I need to do :)


  6. such beautiful pictures (and weather) Edinburgh was fab when I visited but London sounds even more amazing, I would adore seeing that Rufus concert..enjoy and happy birthday!

  7. Rufus does Judy? How is such brilliance possible? SHIT, I'm jealous :)

    That shot of the fountain with Edinburgh castle in the background separated by that lush lines of trees... Yes.

  8. I got to spend a month in Edinburgh last summer and it was bliss. Going back for 4 days in August, wish it was longer. One of my flatmates saw Rufus & Martha at the Royal Opera House last week - apparently she cried!

  9. Hey there, I happened to stumble upon your blog. Just wanna tell u that I love your hairstyle! so chic!
    And red lipstick looks so good on you. I am definitely getting a red lipstick soon :D


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