These past couple of weeks I have been splurging on lovely food and trying out some new recipes and cocktails. I'm totally not ashamed to say it, I think that eating good food is probably one of my very favourite things!

Here's a couple of things that I tried out last week.

Images © Hollie Reid, 2011

Both the Spiced Applesauce Cake and the Vermontucky Lemonade were recipes from the truly wonderful Smitten Kitchen, if you haven't had the pleasure of reading this blog yet, then you have to make it a top priority as soon as you possibly can!

As a treat for my lovely Mat who finished up his degree literally last week, I decided to also have a go at Julia Child's recipe for French Onion Soup, as I'd recently discovered that he had never tried it yet. Let's just say that there was a LOT of constant onion stirring...around 1 hour in total, but the soup was so incredibly delicious and of course we had it with plenty of bread and melted cheese on top too! Gutted that I didn't get any photos of the soup all plated up in the end, I will have to make another pot soon.


  1. An hour of stirring is impressive. My arms get so tired after 5! :)

    Great pics!

  2. it well very well, thank you

  3. I am a firm believer that you should eat healthy, but you should never deny yourself good food. And Smitten Kitchen ALWAYS has good recipes! : ) That cake looks AMAZING!

  4. everything sounds so yummy! I love smitten kitchen, too.. and I'm a sucker for a good cocktail. :]

  5. Completely with you on the good food front, theres no point in eating if it's pants. Me and mum have indulged a little this weekend, got to love m&s!

  6. oh my you make me hungry. i love cooking but somehow i can't make it look and feel as adorable as this.


  7. Oh Hollie you just made me incredibly hungry with all this talk about Julia Child's Onion soup!! Well done on having the skills to make such thing!

  8. french onion soup is the perfect comfort food, I'm ashamed I've never tried to make it! The lemonade makes me so thirsty looking at it! Beautiful pictures

  9. Why would you be ashamed?? Good food is one of the best things. That apple cake is delicious - my flat mate has made it a few times and I'm always pestering her to make it again. Smitten Kitchen is gorgeous but do not try and accidentally look at Smitten Kitten at work... Oops.


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