Images sourced from : Fresh Fish (which I highly recommend you check out, by the way)

This comes as no shock to those who know me well, but I have been umming and ahhing over creepers for about a month now. Don't get me wrong, I am completely sold, 110% on the style, in fact I love them maybe just a bit too much. My only cause for deliberation is "which colour?", and since they come in basically any colour one could dream of I have been rendered completely unable to make a decision.

I came across these beauties by Sonia Rykiel from 2009, on the Fresh Fish blog a couple of days ago, aren't they just perfect?

I'm definitely buying them from Underground Shoes, as I like their styles the most, but here are the colours and styles I have narrowed it down to. What do you think?

Images sourced from : Underground Shoes

1. Barfly - Tie Red Suede Shoe - £73
2. Wulfrun - Green Suede / Leopard Print Apron Roundtoe Interlace D-Ring Lace-up - £77
3. Barfly - Black & White - Pointed Toe Shoe Lace-up - £73
4. Cavern - Monk Black Suede/Grey Suede Apron Side Buckle - £75
5. Barfly - Tie Purple Suede Shoe - £73
6. Eagle - Red Suede - Roundtoe Interlace Creeper - £86


  1. So funny Hollie, I've been checking out creepers too lately! The Sonia Rykiel ones are beauts. I'd probably say go for 1, 2 or 4. But they are all so nice! x

  2. you have narrowed it down to 6 pairs! i reckon number 1 actually

  3. Believe me Mat, narrowing it down to 6 pairs was tough enough!

  4. Quite enjoying 2, green suede - yummy. x

  5. hmmm.. i think i like number 2 but that's just me. :)


  6. I've been wanting some for months and months too. Think my ultimate pair are black leather, pointed toe, buckles, leopard apron. Just need to psych myself up to commit to the price. The Sonia Rykiel ones are totally amazing. Want!

  7. thesea re so cool. i could never get away with them but i think you'll suit them so well. creepers always make me think of style bubble & kingdom of style :-)

  8. I love creepers too. I like the second ones the best. They're awesome.

  9. wow the mint colour's really growing on me....
    but for my first ones - I'm planning on them this autumn - I might settle for 1 inch black lace-up ones with leopard
    the top ones are really amazing - even though I think with a bit DIY they can quite easily 'reproduced'

  10. the purple ones are hot! and those Sonia Rykiels...amazinggg

  11. I really like Underground Shoes for the shapes - they make a great silhouette. The mint green with the leopard print toe is definitely my choice.


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