I've been pretty busy over the past two weeks helping Mat of Buckets & Spades with his final campaign exhibition for Uni. It's been a pretty intense time but his exhibit looks amazing, I'm so proud of him.

It won't be long until it's my turn to be graduating, I'm pretty excited about that even though it's a year away.

Here's a couple of shots that Mat took a couple of weeks back of my new platinum blonde hair! I am very much enjoying being blonde.

Images © Matthew Pike, 2011


  1. omg!! I love your hair. I just recently cut mine super short. I love my hair blonde, but it grows too fast & its way too much maitenance for me. It looks great on you!

  2. Your hair looks fab! Really suits you.
    Also, loving the candy bag!

  3. LOVE the blonde hair! And I love your blog! : )

  4. Thanks Lauren! Hope you are well.

    Hollie xxx

  5. Hollie you look so pretty, love these pics!

    Kate xxx

  6. I LOVE that bag! I've been following Mat's blog for ages, can't believe I've only just discovered yours ;)

  7. I love the blonde. It looks great on you. In another life, I had a blonde, pixie cut. Unfortunately, in this life, it cannot happen.

    P.S.--I started following your blog recently. I've been a follower of your boyfriend's blog for about a year. I love both of them!

  8. Oh my! You have the bag! It's the cutest! And your hair . . I agree with those above me, it looks great on you!


  9. Hollie, you are looking wonderful. I am very much a fan of your new hair.

    Hope all is well x


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