So this weekend just passed I baked a big chocolate cake for my mum and gran to celebrate Mother's Day. I used a mixture of two recipes, the sponge part of the cake was a Nigella recipe from her wonderful book "Feast" and the dark chocolate ganache was a delicious but simple recipe by Martha Stewart.

I'm no experienced baker what-so-ever and I claim to be nothing but a novice in this area, but this was one seriously delicious cake and what started off as one quite large layered cake has all but vanished, with only a few pieces left! I think that it has actually improved in taste after sitting overnight, it seems inexplicably more moist, so if you were planning to try Nigella's Devil Food Cake Recipe, I would probably suggest to allow time to leave it to sit for a while.

I opted not to make the frosting that Nigella made purely because I was quite keen to try the other recipe, but I am sure that it would turn out beautifully too. It looks as though it would be lusciously sticky and rich, where as the ganache I chose from Martha Stewart's website sets a little firmer, it cuts like butter basically and melts in the mouth!

Images © Hollie Reid, 2011


  1. Delicious! I love Nigella Lawson. Have one of her recipes for toffee in my mobile, and I really ought to use it!

  2. This looks YUMMMMMY! I've given up chocolate for lent, but I would kill for a slice of this cake, such a sweet idea :) x

  3. it was yum, im having some more later

  4. You have made me so hungry for cake.

  5. Ooh yum, that is making my mouth water!

  6. ahh my goodness.. I HAVE to make this. yumm.. thanks for sharing this delicous recipe with us:)


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