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So we landed in Florida last week and we've been pretty busy getting the house all cleaned up and looking lovely! This was the first time I'd had the opportunity to drive in America and I've really been enjoying it, despite being all fingers and thumbs when I first got into the car!

So far I've mostly been stocking up on magazines that I can't get easily get at home and lusting over homeware things from West Elm that are simply too large to take back to the UK with me.

I've been admittedly running a little behind when it's come to my New Year Resolution to 'Live Colourfully' but I fully intend to catch up!

On one of the first days after we arrived I was in the garden when these two huge birds came wandering up. It turned out they were pretty docile and also pretty interested in me and my camera! I looked them up and they're called Florida Sandhill Cranes and they are actually an endangered species. They're so big and almost pre-historic looking, pretty interesting birds!


  1. Nice photography and colours!


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