Well there's no doubt in my mind that there are a million and one better, more informed London Fashion Week posts than this one, but I wanted to just stick up a few of my favourites from this season.

I can honestly say I am never disappointed with any of Betty Jackson's collections. Every season I look forward to seeing her designs! This collection for AW 11/12 is definitely one of my favourites from the whole week, I loved the rich reds and the crisp creams and the big voluminous shapes, everything looks so cosy and warm it almost makes me wish for winter again....well, maybe not just yet!

I'm never completely sold on House Of Holland, a lot of it I do like, but the more sporty and 80s inspired stuff I am pretty indifferent about. These outfits in particular from this season I really did love though. They're so prim and proper but wonderfully colourful. I especially love the suits.

Images sourced from Catwalking via London Fashion Week

Topshop Unique this seaon was kind of cyberpunk meets Cruella Deville meets 1920s elegance and I liked it! I'm always up for a big statement coat and this collection delivered. I'll most certainly be keeping an eye out when this range comes out and I'll be ready to fully exploit my staff discount as soon as it hits the website!


  1. i know, the betty jackson collection was immense. was a bit disappointed with the menswear this time round

  2. Great picks - and so diverse. I'm drawn to it all!

  3. Hollie, completely agree with you on everything, it's uncanny haha! I am never sure about Holland, but there were some good pieces, and I loved the colours. And I am just waiting for september when dalmatian coat hits all over the blogs, you can just know fashionistas will style it with black acne wedges haha! :P

  4. i adored topshop and betty jackson
    wasnt a big fan of HOH though :)

  5. i really like betty jackson, although i don't own any, they always seem like such fun. i hear you're going to the us, have a fantastic time xx


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