Images © Hollie Reid, 2011

Headed out to Tampa on the last week of my holiday to visit a couple of places and then drove over to St Petersburg to the new Salvador Dali Museum. It was probably the best possible weather and I kind of wish we'd just headed to the beach for a lazy day, but we all had a great time despite all the rushing about. There's something completely wonderful about driving towards the ocean on a sunny day, the way that it bounces the light all over the place makes everything sparkle.

If you are ever in the vicinity and get the opportunity to visit St Petersburg, please don't let yourself miss out on The Dali museum, it's possibly one of the most fantastic looking buildings I have ever seen and their collection is magnificent. Even if you don't like Salvador Dali's work, you have to admit the building is indeed something special. It was designed by the renowned architectural firm HOK at their Tampa based location.

The museum holds the largest private collection of Dali's work outside of Spain and fortunately for visitors, in this much larger building they can display far more than they have ever been able to. I was most amused by the bulky security guard who told me to keep my handbag in front of me "so as not to knock the paintings off the walls". Thanks for the tip! I am aware how museums work and that swinging my handbag around would be deemed inappropriate.

Images © Hollie Reid, 2011


  1. great photos! And I can't believe the security guard told you that! That's kind of rude. lol


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