Image © Matthew Pike, 2011

In exactly one week I'll be tucked up in bed getting an early night before our flight to Florida. I have been looking forward to this trip for such a long time. I can almost hardly believe it's been quite so long since we last went over to Florida. My family and I have had a lifetimes worth of fun there since we started going when I was four, it's really like my second home.

Here are a few of the things I am most looking forward to:

• Heat, give me blistering smothering heat.
• Buying Nick & Nora pyjamas at Target.
• My first legal Margarita at The Outback!
• Driving on the big wide mad roads.
• Listening to country music on k92fm.
Kilwin's gigantic portions of ice cream.
• Drinking a Starbucks with a piece of their Coffee Crumb Cake (catch up UK Starbucks).
• Sitting by the lake in Celebration.
Panera Bread!

Yummy ice cold Margarita.

The lake at Celebration.

York Peppermint Patties

Celebration at Night.

Images © Hollie Reid, 2011


  1. that peppermint patty thing looks amazing! have a great time, enjoy your first legal drink! xx

  2. Oh jealous! I can't wait to go to US of A! me and fiance are taking a late honeymoon roadtrip across all the southern states, can't wait (this is only a plan , nothign set and we might well not be because of lack of funds, but here's to dreaming, right? )

  3. your photography is amazing :)
    so coulorful


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