On Monday I went on a day trip to Liverpool with my family and my boyfriend Mat. We went to see the This Is Sculpture exhibition at the Tate, which was really good. I've been once before and really enjoyed it and this was Mat's third visit in the year!

After a spot of lunch on the Albert Docks and our visit to the Tate, we went on a little shopping spree to the sales at Liverpool One, before going to Jamie's Italian for some early tea before we drove home.

It was the first time I had been to Jamie's Italian, my dad has been a few times earlier in the year to the one in Leeds and has always raved about the food. I was sold from the moment we walked in through the door, as the restaurant just had a really great atmosphere and design and the staff were very friendly and bubbly too.

We had a quick drink at the bar whilst we waited on our table being prepared and the food being carried past looked pretty de-lish!

After much deliberation (and admiration of the colour-blocking on the menu!) I ordered the "Crispy Squid" to start and the "Beautiful Bucatini Carbonara" as my main and polished off the lot with a couple of glasses of Messina beer and a coffee to finish! I wasn't disappointed, the squid was definitely my favourite part of the meal, as were the fresh olives on ice that we ordered for the table.

Images © Hollie Reid, 2011

There seems to be quite a few of them dotted around the country, with a couple of new locations opening up in Nottingham and Bristol by February this year. A little birdy in the know tells me that one is also due to open up in Manchester by the end of this year!


  1. one of the best meals i've had i think. in terms of taste/environment/design/staff ect.

    just ace! i wasn't expecting to see my ugly mug on here either

  2. Mmmmmmm! I love crispy squid! Now I have a major craving! This place looks really nice, I might look the one up in Bristol. Yum! xxx

  3. ohh, everything looks so lovely! the food looks wonderful, especially the crispy squid - yum! i'd love to go to one of jamie's resturants one day. i've popped into one of his recipease stores which is nearby my house and it's ever so cute. i'd definitely like to do a little cookery course there.


  4. Oh I love the top you are wearing!
    We have a Jamie's in Oxford, I'm vegan and they made loads of effort to make me something so yeah I totally agree they are awesome :)


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