Having never been one for New Year's resolutions, I have decided to break my pattern and introduce one for 2011. Earlier today whilst having a look around the Kate Spade website I came across their LIVE COLORFULLY campaign and was inspired to embrace it for myself and try to use their chosen colour each month during 2011 as much as I possibly can!

This month is red, which will be a breeze for me as red lipstick and nailpolish are staples for me and I love the colour red in general. I'll be thinking of the best and most interesting ways to get the 12 different colours into my life (and I'm open to suggestions by the way!). Being realistic I probably don't have enough colour specific clothing to fill a whole month with so I'll most likely introduce the colours through make-up, nail polish and accessories as well as food, design, products, pens, notepads, and even my blog design perhaps!

Watercolour by Caitlin McGauley sourced from : Kate Spade

Kate Spade
are also commissioning a print and video to celebrate each month's colour. January's is by Caitlin McGauley who specialises in watercolours and just fits so seamlessly with the Kate Spade brand. If you are interested you can see some more of her work right here : caitlinmcgauley.com

Ely Kim is the man responsible for this month's video and it's a bit of a corker if you ask me! I don't want to really say anything about it other than just press play!


  1. what a cool idea, you should show the results on here

  2. That's the plan Mat! Results will be shown :)


  3. I am doing the same thing! I am enjoying the color RED so far. I am not used to wearing red very much except for lipstick and nail polish but my hubs got me a red typewriter bag and now red has become my friend! I was a "pink girl" but now I am going to be "Rainbow Girl". have a colorful day!

  4. brave, but fun! best of luck, cant wait to see the results

  5. What a seriously awesome new year resolution! I think it's a good concept, especially for me as most of my clothing tends to be black/neutral, but really I love colour! Maybe I should get loads of sunglasses from Primark in different coloured lenses, so each month, the world will have a different colour to me! :)

  6. I'm interested to see the other eleven colors, too!

  7. LOVE live colorfully! sparkley cake of my dreams, what a swoon. thanks for sharing this and your insp. ♥


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