Images sourced from : Ali Degraff Photography

I saw these photographs today on 100 Layer Cake and fell in love with them. The idea of having a massive paper flower as a bouquet is such a good one, it means you get to keep it! Aside from the bouquet, I think these are probably the most lovely wedding photographs I have seen in absolutely ages, the photographer is Ali Degraff and you can check her blog out here.

The bride is wearing her mother's wedding dress, which has been altered to suit and look at those shoes, they're like little trench coats for feet! The men in the wedding party were all sporting bow ties made from floral Liberty print fabric and matching cream suits too! You can see more about their wedding day over at 100 Layer Cake. If you haven't heard of, or visited 100 Layer Cake before, you must quickly remedy this, get over there right now!


  1. ah very nice indeed, i'm interested to see non traditional crappy wedding get-ups now. i like the idea of liberty dickies!

  2. awww.. they look so sweet. the guy's so charming in that lovely bow tie. and i love the paper flower too.


  3. I'm obsessed with wedding blogs... and I'm not even anywhere near engaged! These are beautiful, and fantastic props!

  4. Life is Love!!!)))
    Nice blog.

  5. I love that paper flower - I don't think I'll bother waiting for a wedding to try and get one!

  6. I absolutely love these photos. The paper flower is one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?!" things. I love the groom's bow tie. I'm making my fiance wear one, too :)


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