Ville Savimaa Illustration

Ville Savimaa Illustration
Ville Savimaa illustrations sourced from : Ville Savimaa

One of the best things about my current internship jobs is that I get to pour over amazing creative work and I'm constantly introduced to new artists and designers. One of the most recent people I came across was Ville Savimaa.

Ville, born and based in Finland works as a freelance illustrator. His work at first glance looks incredibly dreamy, with pastel shades and rather cuddly looking characters, but there is a bit of a twist to it. Many of them are, after closer inspection, revealed to be rather creepy indeed! He takes inspiration from the wild; wild places and wild things.

Ville Savimaa is represented by Finnish illustration agency Pekka.

My favourites are actually his black and white illustrations, but I really just love the soft colours, shapes and the fact that you have to look again to really see the work.

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