Maria Grachvogel SS11 London Fashion Week
Maria Grachvogel SS11 images sourced from : London Fashion Week

So, yesterday was the first day of London Fashion Week for the SS11 season. Unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to get down to it this time around, but I've been keeping tabs on the live feed!

I really enjoyed the Maria Grachvogel show which I tuned into as soon as I got into the office. I thought it was great how the collection started off very pure and gentle and slowly these volcanic, moody prints emerged as it went along. They reminded me of images of nebulas and views of planets from space, did anyone else think that?

Nebulas And Planets
Nebula and planet images sourced from : Astronomy Pictures


  1. i like it when collections have a certain story to tell. the second row of pictures remind me of mcqueen though.


  2. Thanks so much for the comment, and the typography heads up! I really need to convince my friend, who's a designer, to redo my header. I suck at anything techy/visually creative! xxx



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