Jena.Theo - SS11
Jena.Theo SS11 images sourced from : London Fashion Week

I'm not much one for rushing to my computer in the hopes that I'll be the one of the first to have covered a show each season at London Fashion Week. I know for certain that there are plenty of others who will give far more comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of LFW than I can, but I've just decided to stagger some of my favourites from LFW over the next week or two. I'm letting it all sink in slowly!

This was another one of my highlights from the live streaming on the first day of LFW. I'll admit I wasn't completely convinced when I saw the first few outfits of the Jena.Theo collection, but the colours have really grown on me. I love the candy purples and pinks. The pink dress with the gold embellishment around the neck and arms was really beautiful!

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