Well, I have found myself in a bit of a conundrum! I have been looking for a watch for, oh approximately four years. "Four years!" I hear you exclaim, yes indeed I am quite the picky consumer when it comes to watches and other every-day items.

So here I am going about my long desperate search and I come across two brands, who both have watches in-stock, which perfectly suit my tastes, price range and colour preferences! Four years of no joy and now here I am with two perfect possibilities.

The companies in question are Uniform Wares and Mondaine.

Uniform Wares, who I believe launched early on this year specialise in everyday watches for those with an eye for design detail. They currently have a fantastic selection of colours available on their website. Their designs are minimal and clean, which I love!

Uniform Wares - 100 Series

Uniform Wares - 100 Series
Product images sourced from : Uniform Wares

The other contender as mentioned is Mondaine, the prestigious maker of the official Swiss Railway watch, originally designed by Hans Hilfiker, pictured below. I do love the second hand on this watch, it sort of reminds me of a clowns nose every time I see it!

Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch - Hans Hilfiker
Mondaine & Hans Hilfiker image sources unknown


  1. what a grumpbags he looks. those are perfect, going to be tough picking

  2. Just came across your blog via buckets&spades... you've got a really nice blog, love the stuff you're posting about! That grey Uniform Wares watch is amazing, hope you managed to pick one!


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