One of my favourite finds recently has got to be Smitten Kitchen, written by the truly lovely and incredibly informative Deb, who works as a freelance writer and photographer based in New York City. Not only are her selection of recipes simple to follow, with brilliant results they are also accompanied by brilliantly creative photography.

After a couple of weeks of bad health, I was feeling a bit needy today and felt like cooking up something yummy and comforting, which for me usually involves eggs of some variety, I love almost anything with eggs at any time of the day!

I had Smitten Kitchen's recipe for Shakshuka bookmarked ready for just such an occasion and as luck would have it, I had every ingredient ready to hand! I cut the recipe down to be more suitable for a single portion and I also didn't add in any water with the tomatoes as I felt it may end up just a tad too runny for my taste, but I think it's all subjective, of course.

Here are my results from today :

Shakshuka Recipe - Smitten Kitchen
Image - © Hollie Reid, 2010

It was just what I needed and I will be making a big batch shortly to serve up for dinner one evening with some fresh, crusty breads. For the full recipe visit : Smitten Kitchen's Shakshuka

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