Last month I went down to London for the first Futurising event, with one of the companies I am interning with, The Chook. The Chook is an online creative visual directory for creatives from a wide variety of disciplines, due to launch this September. I'll keep you posted!

Futurising was fantastic, the event was held inside an old Victorian tiling factory, which was split into five separate buildings in the Shoreditch area. We got to speak with some incredible creative people from all sorts of areas, from fashion designers and illustrators to photographers. The talks were also very well organised and incredibly useful.

I have no doubt that Futurising will be back next year, it's a much needed event for graduates making their mark in the creative field.

Here are some of my snaps from my trip!

Udderbelly At Southbank

Futurising - Diesel Be Stupid Cafe

Futurising - Bunny Building

Pimms At Futurising

Bikes At Hard Rock Cafe
Images - © Hollie Reid, 2010


  1. Wonderful photographs. I've never heard of futurising but it sounds interesting...and it's fun to say!

  2. I took my first trip to London last May, and I've been spending most of my waking moments since trying to figure out how to move there. It's so inspiring. And Pimms! We don't have that over here.


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