So it's been approximately two months since my last post. I am still here, I have just been on hiatus. On Wednesday just past I got home from Florida, where I was staying for the previous two weeks with my parents, Mat and our good friend James. We had the best time! I always bring plenty of things back to the UK when we leave Florida, so that it almost seems like I'm still there a bit. We're talking from special kinds of Oreos to carrier bags here, which probably makes me sound a little bit like a hoarder, but there we go! Here are just a few of the food things that I brought home this time. Plenty more photos where these came from very soon.
'Altoids Smalls' Mints
Double 'Stuff' Oreos
Hershey's 'Cookies & Cream' Kisses
...and one more Corn Muffin from Publix.



Last but most certainly not least in my "Trip To Scotland" posts are my photos from Edinburgh. If you have never been to Edinburgh and get the opportunity to, you really must take it. It's a wonderful city with so many magical looking old buildings and a total buzz about it.

I would have loved to have spent a bit more time there, as we really didn't get to do it justice during our whirlwind of a day there but we had such a great time exploring all the little back streets behind Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle too!

Look at all the chimneys!

You can't really beat that view at the end of a street can you?

I seem to have got Mat hooked on iced coffees now, mmm!

Edinburgh Castle

Heading up to the castle, it was a very warm day, we were boiling by the time we got up there!

View from the top.

Ready, aim, fire!

Chapel within the Castle grounds.

This made me really sad, it was a cemetery for Soldiers' dogs.

Mat Buckets at Edinburgh Castle.

That's all from my photos of our recent trip to Scotland now.

Next week I'll be down in London with my mum for a few days for my birthday. We're going to see Rufus Wainwright at the Royal Opera House, performing "Rufus Does Judy". For those who aren't fans this is basically Rufus Wainwright performing the Judy Garland 1961 comeback show in its entirety... I literally can not wait to see this.

We're also seeing Les Misérables for the second time with Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas in the cast!

I can't hardly handle all this excitement!



As most of you might have gathered (from my last post) I took a trip to Scotland with Mat last week! We had a fab time in Glasgow and also Edinburgh whilst we were up there.

Here's a bunch more photos from the time we spent in Glasgow!


A lovely little old hospital building.

Old 'Savings Bank' etched glass window.

Lots of re-development going in Glasgow at the moment. I thought that scaffolding was quite peculiar looking though...

Everywhere that was being ripped apart was such a mixture of buildings from the past all jumbled together.

I might not be doing Glasgow much justice here with these photos, Glasgow actually has a lot of absolutely beautiful buildings as well, so please don't be put off!

What can I say, I love Loudon!

Gentleman's Club by Adrian Wiszniewski at the GoMA. We visited the GoMA to see the touring British Art Show which unfortunately we couldn't take any photos of.

Stained glass window in the GoMA.

Enjoying the good books in the hotel lounge.

Weary but happy!

Mat whizzing around the Kelvingrove. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip, I loved every bit of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, it was truly a mad mixture of historical artefacts, fossils and dinosaur skeletons, art, design and most controversially perhaps, a Dali painting.

This was one of my favourite things in the gallery, the Hanging Head display, if anyone knows who this is by I would love to find out!

Next up : Edinburgh!



On Monday my boyfriend Mat and I headed off on our last minute trip to Scotland. We stayed in Glasgow but traveled through to Edinburgh for a day whilst we were there. We had such a fantastic (but thoroughly exhausting) time and stayed at the most wonderful hotel, CitizenM, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who was planning a trip to Glasgow!

I really went to town with the photographs, so here is the first batch of the hotel!

Arrving at CitizenM! Looking good so far.

One of the many fabulously quirky little details throughout the hotel. This was the welcome mat inside the entrance.

Half way up the spiral staircase... Clearly this guy had a few too many!

The spiral staircase leads up to the modern lobby area where you can check in, grab a bite to eat or drink, catch up on your e-mails or just sit and read a good book, of which a huge variety is available!

Quirky chair central! We never did get the opportunity to get a go on that crazy one in the corner though.

Further down the lobby there was a room full of iMacs for people to catch up on their business and have a browse online.

A close up of the interesting metal window decoration in the lobby.

Just one of the many floor to ceiling bookshelves throughout the lobby area.

Definitely one of our favourite spots, we spent plenty of time relaxing on the Eames Lounge chairs.

Yet another interesting chair!

Definitely the most relaxed, homey hotel I've stayed in, from the bubbly staff to the ever welcoming signs it would be hard not to feel at home here.

The rooms were probably the most exciting part of the hotel. Almost everything is controlled by remote, including the blinds, tv, alarm clock and the lighting which you can fully customise the colour of to suit your mood.

The bathroom was a frosted glass pod set in the corner of the room with the shower wet room and toilet inside. The bed was exceptionally comfortable and gigantic too, safe to say that my single bed is feeling pretty small now that I'm back home!
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